Dump all ansible variables

2019-10-15 - How to dump all variables used by ansible in a task
Tag: ansible

Task to use

Here is the task to use in order to achieve that :

- name: Dump all vars
  action: template src=dumpall.j2 dest=ansible.all

Associated template

And here is the template to use with it :

Module Variables ("vars"):
{{ vars | to_nice_json }}

Environment Variables ("environment"):
{{ environment | to_nice_json }}

GROUP NAMES Variables ("group_names"):
{{ group_names | to_nice_json }}

GROUPS Variables ("groups"):
{{ groups | to_nice_json }}

HOST Variables ("hostvars"):
{{ hostvars | to_nice_json }}


If you are running a local task, the output will be in your playbook directory. Otherwise, it will be on the target machine(s) in a .ansible/tmp/ansible.all file under the user your are connecting the machine(s)’ with.