Custom hugo markdown shortcode

2021-03-22 - An example of custom hugo shortcode to calculate automatically something
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On the about-me page I had hardcoded my age. I wanted a way to calculate it automatically when building the site, here is how to do this.

Adding the shortcode

Added a custom markdown shortcode in hugo in as simple as creating a layouts/shortcodes/ directory. Each html file created inside will define a shortcode from the filename. In my example I want to calculate my age so I named the shortcode age.html and added the following simple template code :

{{ div (sub now.Unix 493473600 ) 31556926 }}

The first number is the timestamp of my birthday, the second represents how many seconds there are in a year.

Using the shortcode

With this layouts/shortcodes/age.html file I can just add the following in a page to add my age :

{{% age %}}

And if you are wondering how I am able to display a shortcode code inside this page without having it render, it is because I defined another shortcode that does exactly like this :

{{ index .Params 0 }}

You can find these examples here! Hugo really is a powerful static website generator, it is amazing.