Mirroring a repository to github

2021-03-30 - How to mirror a git repository to github
Tag: git


I have been running my own git server for more than 10 years (first with just ssh, then with gitolite and finally with gitea). I manually pushed some of my work to github for better exposition and just decided to automate that mirroring.

How to

It turns out it is quite simple. First you will need to generate a github access token. Be very carefull with it, it gives unlimited access to your whole github account. I wish I could generate token with a more limited access (to a single repository for example) but sadly this is not the case as of this writing.

Then you create a git hook with a script that looks like the following :

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eu

git push --mirror --quiet https://adyxax:TOKEN@github.com/adyxax/www.git &> /dev/null
echo 'github updated'

Just put your token there, adjust your username and the repository path then it will work. I am using this in post-receive hooks on my git server on several repositories without any issue.

Note that since Gitea 1.15 it is no longer necessary to do this with a post-receive hook, you can use the repository mirroring feature to achieve the same result. Use the url in the script above directly and it will work.