Fixing a redis chart

2022-03-14 - I contributed a preStop script to trigger a failover before a redis master is terminated
Tags: helm kubernetes redis


Back in January I contributed a fix to a redis chart : I should have blogged about it at the time, but life happened and I did not.

The problem

This charts deploys a redis cluster and I noticed that when a redis master gets terminated there is a downtime before a new one gets elected.

One of the challenges in fixing this behaviour was to do it in a way that would get accepted upstream. That meant respecting the style in place to manage the chart : scripts are deployed in the images as configmap values and are written inside a helm template… yummy! This allows to use helm variables easily, and avoids maintaining custom images but made linting or shellcheck validation a pain to do.

The solution

This restart behaviour can be fixed with a preStop script that checks if the terminating pod is a redis master. If that is the case, we trigger a failover before shutting then wait for it to complete. My fix was accepted and merged upstream, I am proud I had the opportunity to contribute back to this chart in the community spirit of open source software.