Migrating from gitea to gitolite and cgit

2022-07-15 - A quest for simplicity
Tags: FreeBSD git


I switched to gitea in 2020 in order to host repositories for non tech people, but I no longer have that need.

Gitea is simple enough to host but it has way too many features and way too frequent (security) updates! I therefore chose to simplify things again and went back to gitolite which I used for almost a decade before I switched to gitea. I chose to keep a web frontend because I do not want to link to github in my blog articles and settled on cgit to fill that role.

Installation and configuration

The installation is documented in the following docs articles on this website:

If you are following these installation notes as a guide, there is one important thing to know: I wanted to keep gitea links mostly working (at least redirecting to the correct repository), so I created all my publicly available repositories under an adyxax folder. This shows mostly in the cgit and nginx configurations.


The main challenge I encountered was how to make go get or go install work with cgit. When go tries to fetch a dependency from a remote git repository, it expects a particular header to be present in the http response, something like:

<meta name="go-import" content="git.adyxax.org/adyxax/bareos-zabbix-check git https://git.adyxax.org/adyxax/bareos-zabbix-check">

I solved that issue of injecting this header by: