A Stitch In Time

Author: Andrew Robinson
Finished reading on: 2023-08-20

I have been a fan of the star trek TV shows and movies for many years and I am especially fond of Deep Space Nine. I always enjoyed seeing Garak on screen and when I learned there was a book written by Garak’s actor it really picked my interest.

The various characters, the action and plot are all very nicely done but what I enjoyed the most is the narrative device used: All the book is in fact a correspondences from Garak to his friend Dr Julian Bashir. We get to explore Garak’s life from his youth, learn how he ended up in exile on DS9, revisit some event that happened during the TV show but from Garak’s perspective, and the aftermath of the Dominion war on Cardassia Prime.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoyed Garak the gardener/tailor/spy on the show.