Haskell Programming From First Principles

Author: Christopher Allen and Julie Moronuki
Finished reading on: 2023-03-31

I first learned haskell in the early 2010, but from far less quality material. I wrote my beginner lever haskell for a few years but nothing major came out of it, only small personal projects. I eventually fell out of love with haskell because I felt the language and its tooling lacked practicality and after years trying I did not like my level of proficiency with the language.

It was a pleasure diving into haskell again thanks to this book. It is very well written and if I had it ten years ago I might have never stopped writing haskell. It is very much like meeting an old friend again. The book is long and detailed but made me feel confident I could write good haskell. The author insists on solid foundations and hands-on experience as to why haskell is a great way to solve problems.