The Field Guide To Understanding Human Error

Author: Sidney Dekker
Finished reading on: 2021-03-07

I first read this book in 2012 and decided to reread it for a short break in the Stormlight Archive series.

This is a great book that I highly recommend. It will help you understand more about what is too often concluded as “human errors” and how the aeronautical industry has evolved to cope with them. There is a lot to learn from this in the computer industry, the mindset and methodology the author presents can lead to true progress in so many ways! Even though good post-mortem stories are now a little more common (and there is nothing I like more than a well investigated post-mortem), it is still far from being the norm. Our industry is quick to git blame or look in the shell history to search who had the fat fingers and ignore all the other factors that lead to failure.

Not only will the book give you a better understanding of accidents, it will also help you do better investigations. Last but not least, it is rich with arguments you can use to try and initiate that kind of change in your workplace.