Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas

Author: Jules Verne
Finished reading on: 2024-03-03

This classic of science fiction adventure was a pleasure to read, my first book from Jules Verne! I enjoyed this book but it clearly shows its age both in writing style and in its vision of the world. There are lots and lots of dry descriptions of fishes and other sea creatures that I admit I partly skipped. Also the dialogue is not the best.

I was a bit shoked how casually some marvelous sea creatures get killed and how some increadibly dirty smokes are a sign of progress and not pollution. We need to keep in mind the story is from the 1860s and accept this, though there also is a message about how important ecology is. It just does not seem to apply to tasty food sources.

I recommend reading this book, it is a classic for a good reason.