You are not so smart

Author: David McRaney
Finished reading on: 2021-07-18

This is a popularization psychology book written by a journalist passionated by the subject. It is not such an easy read but it still is quite approachable. Not being a real psychology book written by doctors and such you might find the biography lacking or the studies backgrounds (subjects genders, socioeconomic status, ages, etc) unclear and unsatisfying (maybe biased?)… but it is all to take with a grain of salt, because we are not so smart ;-)

I recommend this book for the list of bias we should all be aware exist, because they explain so much of how and why the world is in such state today, from extreme political cults to branded people arguing over twitter about their phones or cars and lines of self obsessed and disrespectful instagrammers taking fifty pictures of themselves somewhere while preventing you a quick snap of a beautiful landscape.

It believe it changed my perception of others for the better, made me more understanding and aware of faults in myself and others.