The Hero of Ages

Author: Brandon Sanderson
Finished reading on: 2021-10-27

This is the third book in the Mistborn series, and what a book! It picks up the story one year after the events in The Well of Ascension and is such a captivating read. Unlike the first two books I believe it is among the best works of Brandon Sanderson! The stories and sacrifices of each characters, the self doubt and journey of Sazed dealing with loss… What a fantastic ending that ties everything together!

I love each and every Mistborn characters even more now that we got so much backstory for everyone. Spook stood out for me with his arc from childhood to his deeds in Urteau, as well as Elend (he is great when questioning himself) and Sazed obviously. Let’s not forget the Lord Ruler and the Kandra people too, so many great stories in this series.