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adyxax.org main website. www.adyxax.org, wiki.adyxax.org and blog.adyxax.org all point here.
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This is the website you are currently reading. It is a static website built using hugo. This article details how I installed hugo, how I initialised this website and how I manage it. I often refer to it as wiki.adyxax.org because this site replaces a dokuwiki I used for a long time as my main website (and a pmwiki before that), but with hugo it has become more than that. It is now a mix of wiki, blog and showcase of my work and interests.

For a log of how I made the initial setup, see this blog article.. Things are now simpler since I wrote my own theme.

Installing hugo

I am currently hosting this website on an OpenBSD server. Hugo is packaged on this system so the installation is as simple as :

pkg_add hugo--extended

Bootstraping this site

The website is on my gitea instance, and leaves under the standard /var/www/htdocs path:

cd /var/www/htdocs
git clone _gitea@git.adyxax.org:adyxax/www.git
cd www

To publish the website in the public folder I use a custom makefile so that I do not have to remind myself of hugo flags :

make build

Automated deployment

The deployment is automated with a simple post-receive git hook in the gitea repository :

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eu
unset GIT_DIR

cd /var/www/htdocs/www/
git remote update
git reset --hard origin/master
make build

echo 'website updated'

Web server config