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Gentoo packages upgrades on adyxax.org
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Here is my go to set of commands when I upgrade a gentoo box :

eselect news read

The news have to be reviewed carefully and if I cannot act on it immediately I copy paste the relevant bits to my todolist.

The upgrade process

I run the upgrade process in steps, the first one asking you to validate the upgrade path. You will also be prompted to validate before cleaning :

emerge -qAavutDN world --verbose-conflicts --keep-going --with-bdeps=y && emerge --depclean -a && revdep-rebuild -i -- -q --keep-going; eclean --deep distfiles && eclean --deep packages && date

After all this completes it is time to evaluate configuration changes :


If a new kernel has been emerged, have a look at the specific process for that.


Depending of the changes it is now time to :